Create connections between manufacturers and customers; empowering and enabling sales and services for our clients. Specially for those who want to enter in
United States of America and/or Latin America.

Our Vision is to be considered one of the most reliable sales catalysts of the industry; through the creativity of its business models, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.
Blindly entering an unknown market means a significant waste of time and resources. M2 Solutions offers a Consulting Service that will allow you to meet your objectives, in a more efficient way. Most of our Clients face the same problems, like:

– Lack of market knowledge regarding the new region
– Eliminates Languages and Idiosyncratic barriers
– Difficulties finding adequate distribution channels
– Disruption on Business Continuity due to Time Zone differences
– Long Time to Market (TTM)
– Constrained resources to open those markets

We have found that, the best way to work those issues, is by short term Ad-Hoc projects (between 3 to 6 months).

M2 Solutions is a company dedicated to removing these market entry barriers. M2 Solutions provides professional guidance to facilitate a controlled and efficient path to market entry; acquiring market share and building a brand in the United States of America and/or Latin America Region

What Areas we are consulting in…

Brand Awareness

We promote your products to physicians, therapists, distributors and influencers thereby creating awareness, interest, consideration, intent and evaluation of our client’s products. Help our clients to build the base for a solid brand recognition in the region

Regulatory Affairs

Localized solutions with realistic expectations regarding a new product registration on a country by country basis. Regularly update our clients regarding regulatory changes

Product Sales Availability

Products selection taking consideration registration time, processes and requirements looking for realistic products availability of our client in specific country

Operational Effectiveness

We offer a Business Model and/or Business Strategy, adapted to size, resources and objectives of our clients

Enable Sales and Distribution Network

Help to provide or find the appropriate distribution channel Assist on the development of direct sales team, if you already have presence in the region

Market Intelligence

Market research and advanced analytics Competitor analysis Gap analysis

Our Coverage is…

We have experience covering all countries in Latin America. We are located in Florida, USA; sometimes called the Capital of Latin America due to the closeness to major countries in the region Florida is a preferred destination to do business and conduct meetings and trainings

Who are we in the team?

Antonio Marmo

Antonio Marmo


Antonio Marmo, Mechanical Engineer, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Swimmer, F1 fan, Jazz music enthusiast. Specialized in Hospital Maintenance. Highly trained in Life-Support Mechanical Ventilation, Non-Invasive Ventilation and Sleep Studies (Polysomnography). Director of Hospital Maintenance for different type IV Hospitals. Pioneer in the development of Sleep Medicine in his native country and in the region. He founded and managed the first  Home Care company in Venezuela that included the diagnosis and treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, as well as the use of Non Invasive Ventilation for other respiratory pathologies. He emigrated to the United States and managed to develop a solid career and positions in the Latin American market. A successful professional  in Sales & Marketing, in global companies such as: Respironics, Philips, Embla, Natus, and Curative Medical.  Once this interesting cycle was achieved, and always with the need to undertake new and more ambitious projects, he founded M2 Solutions, LLC. Together, with his partners and experienced team members,  he is using all this business acumen to offer a service to those manufacturers that wants to expand their businesses beyond their initial borders, creating new markets despite a challenging economic and financial scenario.
Joni Fernandez

Joni Fernandez

Chief Marketing Officer

Joni Fernandez is a multiple award-winning media and marketing executive, brand strategist, content creator and change agent. She served as Senior Vice President of Univision Communications Inc. in charge of Consumer & Corporate Marketing for 7 years. In that capacity, she led the largest full-service in-house agency responsible for the strategy, creation, production, and execution of all consumer-facing promotional and marketing campaigns, and all revenue-generating, client-facing content. She also led the Art & Design team and the Corporate Marketing and Brand Analytics department providing custom research, insights and strategy recommendations for programming, marketing, and sales.

She is a big picture strategist, developing 360 go-to-market plans that deliver results for the clients she serves. Her vast experience in the US Hispanic market is an asset in understanding this diverse and culturally rich consumer. An expert in integrating research, data-analytics and client’s goals, Joni develops branding strategies for both B2C and B2B clients. She is a motivational team leader, building divisions, establishing corporate cultures focused on driving positive results for clients.

 Additionally, she also served as an adjunct professor at FIU’s Graduate School of Business teaching omnichannel marketing.

 She has a Master of Science in Marketing from Florida International University and a Bachelor of Science in Communication from the University of Miami.

Carlos Vera

Carlos Vera


Carlos Vera is a versatile person, curious, adventurer, innovator, influencer and passionate for technology. He has a wide range of hobbies from woodworking to scuba diving. He loves to be “current” which means that he is always investigating, researching and looking for something new to learn. Proof of that is his recently gotten Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification. He is an Economist and Magister is Business Administration. As a professional he has been also pretty diverse, he has taught as graduated school professor, he has worked as Executive in banking and, later; as a trail blazer in Business Intelligence, Customer Experience and Marketing using Big Data, Data Analytics and Fact-based decision making process for a Global company like Cisco Systems.

For him not all boxes are squared… He is a natural problem-solver…

Diógenes José Algarín Crespo

Diógenes José Algarín Crespo


Diógenes José Algarín Crespo M.D., Master in Neurobiology and Behavioral Sciences of the University of Chile, certified in Sleep Medicine at the Sleep and Functional Neurobiology Laboratory of the I.N.T.A. – University of Chile. Past-President of the Colombian Association of Sleep Medicine (ACMES). Somnologist level 1 certified by the Colombian Association of Sleep Medicine, accredited as Expert in Sleep Medicine by the Colombian Committee of Accreditation in Sleep Medicine (COAMES) which brings together the Colombian Association of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery, Colombian Association of Neurology (ACN), Colombian Association of Pediatric Pneumology (ACNP), Colombian Association of Child Neurology (ASCONI), Colombian Association of Otolaryngology, head and neck surgery, maxillofacial (ACORL), Colombian Association of Psychiatry (ACP) and the Colombian Association of Sleep Medicine (ACMES). In his private practice, he has been the Head of the Polysomnography Service of IDIME in Bogotá for the last 8 years and the Chief Somnologist of the IDIME-Bogotá Sleep Clinic.

Ricardo Silva

Ricardo Silva


Ricardo Silva is a trans-disciplinary individual who has worked in all aspects of engineering related to the field of healthcare! His education consists of a Bachelor in Electronic Engineering and a Masters in Biomedical Engineering, both from Simon Bolivar University in Venezuela, and a Ph.D. in Integrative Biosciences, Neuroscience Option from Penn State University. He is a Certified Clinical Engineer, and member in good standing of multiple international organizations such as IFMBE, IEEE-EMBS, ACCE, HIMSS, AAMI. CA/CP HIMS certified trainer, with ample experience in public speaking, project management and problem solving at the entrepreneurial level, especially where science meets medicine and technology. 

He lives with his wife and three kids in Orlando, Florida and is currently teaching in four National Accredited higher education institutions in areas ranging from general biology to project management and health information technology.  He loves making friends, solving problems, mentoring people and building sustainable corporations through the proper use of technology! 

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